MP 11 - Sickness/Accident Assistance

Red Sox Clergy Pass

Did you know that all licensed Foursquare pastors can get apply for a clergy pass to Red Sox games? Note: Please send your request to the Red Sox by Jan/Feb for the upcoming season.

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Free Week at CrossPointe

Every year as a licensed pastor, you are able to take a free week-long stay at the CrossPointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, VA. Interested in learning more about this great opportunity?

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School House Haven

Available to all full-time Christian ministry workers, School House Haven allows a free week-long stay at the School House Haven in Biglerville, PA. Interested in learning more about this great opportunity? Contact them at: 717.677.6004 or

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Ministerial Benevolent Fund

The Foursquare Church has established a special fund from a portion of the annual credentials fees paid by Foursquare ministers, to assist Foursquare ministers in case of sickness, accident or death. A minister’s spouse may also be allowed, with approval from the Board of Directors, to participate in the Benevolent Fund by contributing an annual amount fixed by the board.

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Foursquare Discounts


The Verizon discount program is as follows:

An “Employee” 15% discount on new or existing service based upon registration/email confirmation from Verizon’s website.

By clicking on the link shown above you will be taken to a page (screenshot attached) where you can 1) (for existing VZW customers) enter your Verizon Wireless UserID or mobile number to validate yourself as eligible for the discount, or 2) (for new VZW customers) enter your work email address in order to confirm your eligibility. (NOTE: only email addresses are valid for the email registration; any other email domains ( need to have the ‘EmployeeEndUserFaxForm’ filled out and faxed to Verizon at 1-800-711-7788).

By the next billing cycle the discount should be applied.

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AT&T offers a 16% discount for Foursquare licensed ministers and staff.

You will be asked to enter your zip code in order to register your existing AT&T account with the corporate discount program (you can also select the option to create/add new service with the discount). You will then be directed to a welcome-page where you can complete the registration process.

FYI – we’ve been finding that when people go in-store to apply/register for the discount, they are being told a number of different things by the retail staff (not sure why this is). The best/easiest/recommended way to go about applying for the discount is by going online.

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There is a 15% discount on wireless service through Sprint.

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You can use the link below to ICFG’s Member Purchase Program with Dell Computers.

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Foursquare has just launched a new online web portal which will allow you order new equipment directly from Apple. If you need assistance getting setup, please contact Michael Robles at:

Alternatively, you can access our business discount in-person by:

  1. This works best in-person at an Apple retail store (as opposed to online or over the phone, where you might get some confusion or re-direction).
  2. Once in the store ask to speak with the business team (not the regular retail team).
  3. Ask the business team member to look up your discount . Mention “green level discount” and “The Foursquare Church” and this address “1910 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026″ (you may also need to provide your church’s legal name and/or proof of affiliation with the Foursquare Church such as a paystub or license).
  4. The business team should be able to find the discount with this information. Again, there are a lot of Foursquare Apple accounts so sometimes the business team needs persistence in finding the right account.

FYI – this discount is at 7% for hardware only and may not apply towards iPhones or iPads (as these are also carried by various cellular providers).