Ignite Life Pacific College

In the traditions of solid biblical teaching, relational discipleship, higher education, missions experiences, community service and ministry training, Ignite Life Pacific College was founded in 2008. Students enroll in the most unique collegiate experience where practical, hands-on efforts are collaborated with formal academic disciplines to serve God and people. Ignite Life Pacific College is intentionally missional in all approaches to education, training and deployment of students into their future as Christian leaders.

As an extension campus of Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California, Ignite is able to offer a fully accredited, State of Virginia certified, U.S. Board of Education recognized AA Degree in General Studies. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to remain on the Ignite campus as an intern while completing their Bachelor’s Degree online at one of several other Christian colleges and universities.

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Is your church interested in potentially becoming a site for Ignite students to serve at while providing hands-on leadership experience in the resident’s field of focus? If so, click the buttons below to read the FAQ’s or contact NCO for more information to become a resident site.