It is a tremendous honor to receive credentialing as an affirmation of God’s calling on one’s life. To apply for a Foursquare Ministerial License, your Senior Pastor must first obtain approval from the Northeast Atlantic District Office. The Senior Pastor must fill out and complete the form below and submit it to the District Office.
Licensing questions? Send us an email or call our office at: 301.284.0177.

Please note that the license candidate will need a credentialed Foursquare minister who will serve as his/her coach. The coach’s role will be to help the candidate prepare for the licensing interview.

Licensing Process:

Step1: Fill out Northeast Atlantic District License Request Form and submit to Cindy Cauble

Step 2: Cindy will send application to applicant and coach.

Step 3: Applicant submits completed application, three (3) MP2 recommendation forms and $150.00 fee to Cindy Cauble.

MP2 Qualifications:

  • One (1) from your Senior Pastor
  • Two (2) others – the applicant’s choice

Step 4: Background check (Time table: 7-10 days).

  1. If your record comes back clean, jump to Step 5.
  2. If bankruptcy, tax liens, divorce, etc. are listed in the application, Cindy Cauble will ask for more explantation and a coach will set up one of the following:
  •  Ethics Review: Done over the phone with three (3) licensed ministers including one senior pastor.
  • Ethics Panel: Done face to face with three (3) license ministers.

Step 5: Applicant’s package sent to District Supervisor for approval

Step 6: Cindy Cauble sends applicant and coach the Polity Course.

Step 7: Coach teaches the applicant: Foursquare Licensing Policy Guide until ready for interview. At this point applicant is a candidate.

Step 8: Corresponding HUB panel administrator sets up interview panel. Three (3) licensed ministers + coach. One (1) senior pastor and two (2) other licensed ministers.

Step 9: Interview panel fills out MP5 evaluation form and submits to Cindy Cauble.

Step 10: Cindy sends candidate credential invoice, Signa Insurance and Beneficiary Information. Candidate has 31 days to send in credential payment and Signa forms.

Step 11: Cindy sends candidate to Board.

Step 12: District will reach out to the candidate, their senior pastor, divisional superintendent, and area pastor with the Board’s final decision.


*Must hold US license for 2 years prior.

  1. Qualified applicant can fill out the License Request Form.
  2. Cindy Cauble sends out notifications every May alerting licensed ministers when they have become eligible for ordination.
  3. If qualified ministers are interested, they fill out a “MP1a” form and return to Cindy Cauble.
  4. Cindy verifies their previously completed polity course with Foursquare National.
  5. Cindy sends list to District Supervisor to approve.
  6. Cindy will present recommendations to the Board.
  7. Ordination will be presented at the District Conference with a laying on of hands service.

*A minister is not considered ordained until laying on of hands.