TH101 offers a gateway to explore the Biblical foundation of the Kingdom, understand the various aspects of God’s Kingdom rule and discover how to live a Kingdom-centered life. There is nothing more important than the Kingdom of God. Central to the scriptural narrative in both the Old and New Testaments, the concepts of the Kingdom and the principle of God’s dominion are fundamental to the Christian life and faith.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the Kingdom of God? How does it apply to me? What are the implications of God’s Kingdom rule? How do I live a Kingdom-centered life? If these questions have every crossed your mind, this is the opportunity for you. Trivium is now offering, for a limited time, the chance to sign up for TH101 with presenter, Tom Johnston for only $55 as a Continuing Education course or only $35 as an audit course. This is a stand alone course and will be offered only for a limited time.

The course is offered through an online platform, Canvas, and will be open for registration throughout August until September 15th. Registration is required to participate. Click the button below to register and an invoice will follow.

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